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Gas station A123... - Gas station chain in Bulgaria

Gas station A123... - Gas station chain in Bulgaria

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Apid 2000 currently owns six operating gas stations in Plovdiv and the region - stations A 1, A 2, A 3, A 4, A 5 and A 6.
In the fuel that you load the A 123 were added to the quality additives German company FUCHS, which improves combustion and fuel in your car. The quality of diesel, petrol and gas is monitored constantly because Apid 2000 company delivers its fuel alone.

At gas stations Gas station А123 Bulgaria you load high-quality fuels, lubricants and car accessories, you can make a liability, buy an annual, monthly or weekly vignette, and refresh yourself with coffee, tea, soft drinks and snacks.

Gas station chain A123...

Gas station A1 Gas station A1 Plovdiv, Georgi Benev 5B

Gas station A2 Gas station A2At the entrance of the town Perushtitsa

Gas station A3 Gas station A3Komuniga village, class road Asenovgrad - Kardjali

Gas station A4 Gas station A4Chernozem village, road Plovdiv-Karlovo

Gas station A5 Gas station A5Krumovo village, At the entrance of the Assenovgradsko Shose

Gas station A6 Gas station A6 KarabunarKarabunar vilage, Pazardjik district, the entrance from Vinogradec vilage