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Petrol Station A2 in Perushtitca - Apid 2000

Petrol Station A2, on Apid 2000 Ltd, is at the entrance of the Perushtitca town. Part of chain gas stations A123... on company Apid 2000, where you refueling - diesel, petrol and gas retail. There are automotive oil, additives for fuel and oil, antifreeze, washer fluid, Accessories. You can buy vignette stickers, insurance for all types of cars and trucks. The Petrol Station have coffee, snacks and other goods needed by the driver in a long time.

Perushtitsa, District Plovdiv,
bul. Ivan Vazov

Phone: +359 899 847 498

e-mail: apid2000@abv.bg
e-mail: office@apid2000.com

Work time: night and day - from 00 to 24 hours