Sale of fuel wholesale and retail

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Apid 2000 - Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Sale of fuel wholesale and retail

Apid 2000 - Bulgaria

Special deliveries of fuel to airports, fields, houses, shops, etc.


Apid 2000 - fuels wholesale and retail

APID 2000 Ltd was established in March 1999 in Plovdiv. From the outset the company specializes in supplying and trading fuel and petroleum products. Starting with one site to rent, the company quickly gained customers and buys their own tanks. In the next few years, with hard work, the company builds in Plovdiv own warehouse for the storage of fuels, which allows Apid 2000 to fulfill requests for supply of fuel at wholesaleat any time of day. To extend the retail market of fuels, the company gradually built a chain of gas stations in southern Bulgaria with names - gas station A1 A2 A3, etc.




НЕ на лобизма в търговията с горивата! Оставете малките данъкоплатци.

Десетки собственици на малки бензиностанции от южна България се събрахме на протест в Пловдив. Търговците на горива протестираме срещу лобисткия законопроект, ...
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Delivery of marked fuel

И през 2016 година, Апид 2000 ще извършва доставка на маркирано гориво за отопление и стопански нужди! Разполагаме с автомобил, сертифициран от агенция Митници за ...
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Services from Apid 2000 - fuels wholesale and retail, delivery of fuel

Apid 2000 deals with the sale of fuels and wholesale. Performed nonstop supply of fuel on demand. The company operates and distributes liquid fuels mainly in Plovdiv and the region, and Pazardzhik.

The warehouse is located in Plovdiv, Georgi Benev str № 5B - Industrial Zone in Karshiyaka. There also have the chance to load diesel, petrol and gas on a oil-station A1. APID-2000 has a 4 more gas-stations, respectively, at the entrance of Perushtitsa is A 2, A 3 is in the village of the road Komuniga Asenovgrad - Kardzhali, A 4 in the village of Chernozem, the road Plovdiv - Karlovo, the fifth station A 5, located in Krumovo vilage, the entrance from Assenovgradsko Shose and the sixth station A 6, located in Karabunar vilage, Pazardjik district, the entrance from Vinogradec vilage.

Performs special deliveries

  • Supply of fuel to airports, aircraft fueling
  • Delivery to the field and charge of agricultural equipment, fuels to your house or workshop
  • Delivery to every corner wherever you want - 24 hours a day!

A123 Petrol stations A 123 ... offers:
  - refueling retail - oil, gas, diesel
  - oils, additives for fuels and lubricants, antifreeze, washer fluid, etc.
  - shop for accessories

  - Taxes - annual, monthly and weekly
  - Liability insurance
  - Coffee, tea, snacks, etc.

A2 Gas station A2 in Perushtitsa has a carwash

In APID - 2000 the client's interests are always placed first. The company makes its own supply of fuel and thus monitor and maintain constant quality. The tanks for supply fuel on site are equipped with precise electronic counters that guarantee the accuracy of the quantity delivered. Accepts and executes orders 24 hours a day.

The objects also working around the clock and they shall sell, save oil, gas, diesel, oils, additives and car accessories, are available vignettes and insurance Liability for all types of cars and trucks. The gas-stations have shops where are sells Coffee, snacks and other goods needed by the driver for a long drive.

Apid 2000 includes in fuels high-quality additives of the German company FUCHS, which improves combustion and fuel consumption. Fuchs is the largest independent manufacturer of special lubricants in the world. The company has manufacturing facilities in over 40 countries, which improves existing and developing new products to meet the challenge of today's highly competitive business environment.

Apid offers its customers a subscription contracts for supply with suspension arrangement. It is also possible to negotiate an advance payment and preferential prices of petroleum products.